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Exotic furniture and beautiful décor elements

Furniture2 – Tratto AG No.1 Lifestyle Gallery

No.1 Lifestyle Gallery is your speciality shop for exquisite furniture, home accessories and unique furnishings.

Be inspired by our shop’s tropical lifestyle from faraway lands and enjoy the endless variety of creatively designed furnishings, accessories, decorative articles and aromas to make your home and lifestyle unique. We have the right design idea for every taste.


At the No.1 Lifestyle Gallery, traditional craftsmanship meets modern design. We carry tables, chests, shelves, sofas, beds and more. Stop in and discover a unique furniture selection. Art Deco, colonial style, modern living – we offer an extensive range of contemporary products.


No.1 Lifestyle Gallery features a large selection of exquisite women’s shoes: Paul Green, A.S.98, Dr. Martens, K+S, UGG and AHS.

Our shoes can also be ordered from our online shop.


To brighten up your dining room, we offer cups and plates from the colourful collection of Swiss manufacturer
Terra Keramik. Made of clay imported from Germany and fired with colourful glazes and silver rims, this tableware delights customers around the world.

Wall art

We support artists by displaying

their artwork in our shop. You will find exquisite traditional and contemporary art in the form of pictures, prints, sculptures and glass. The vibrancy of these pieces is unmatched.


Pleasant fragrances are the crowning element in every ambience.

Our fragrance products are filled with exotic delights, such as lychee, coconut and Tiaré. Experience them in person.

Coffee for connoisseurs

Revel in the company of family and friends in the
South African atmosphere of the No.1 Lifestyle Gallery Coffee and Tea Bar.

From espresso to latte macchiato, cappuccino to corretto and espresso macchiato, we serve our guests first-class coffee specialities.


We offer extraordinary, modern jewellery from around the world for every taste and budget. Whether you prefer silver jewellery with gemstones or tropical pearl jewellery, the No.1 Lifestyle Gallery offers a large selection of earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Take a look at our photo gallery or stop in to see the highlights in person.